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    Closed Observation of Memorial Day
    May 27, 2024
    Teamsters local #252
    Closed in Observation of Juneteenth
    Jun 19, 2024
    Teamsters Local #252
    General Membership Meeting
    Jun 24, 2024
    Teamsters Local #252
    Closed in Observation of Independence Day
    Jul 04, 2024
    Teamsters Local #252
    Closed in Observation of Labor Day
    Sep 02, 2024
    Teamsters Local #252
    Teamster News Headlines
    BREAKING: Molson Coors Teamsters Ratify Contract Ending Strike
    Teamsters Call on N.Y. Legislature to Pass Groundbreaking Antitrust Law
    In Landslide Victory, Kroger Workers Join Teamsters Local 337
    California Teamsters Rally for Smart & Final Workers
    UNFI Workers in Florida Join Teamsters Local 769
    Sysco Teamsters in Long Island Overwhelmingly Ratify New Contract
    More Than 400 Coachella Valley Water District Workers Join Teamsters
    Bus Workers at Durham in Salina Vote to Join Teamsters
    Southern Glazer’s Workers Join Teamsters Local 667
    Teamsters Celebrate Passage of 2024 FAA Reauthorization Act
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    Updated: May. 23 (21:14)
    Why Corporations Choose Lawlessness to Fight Unions
    Teamsters Local 355
    Why Corporations Choose Lawlessness to Fight Unions
    Teamsters Local 992
    Local 776 Scholarship Finalists
    Teamsters Local 776
    Construction Meeting - June 5, 2024
    Teamsters Local 87
    Just a Reminder...
    Teamsters Local 776
    This Isn’t the End for Mercedes Workers’ Union Fight
    Teamsters Local 355
    • We are happy to announce the recipients of the 2024-2025 Russ Walpole Scholarship Award! 


      Pictured above are Russ Walpole Scholarship recipients Cassidy Phan of Olympia High School and Bannack Firkins of Capitol High School.

      First, we want to thank all applicants for their very thoughtful responses. The students that applied made the selection process very difficult. Secondly, we want to thank the Scholarship Award Committee for their care in reviewing each application and thoughtfully selecting this year's recipients.  We are so proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to furthering their education. Wishing all applicants the best luck on their future academic endeavors.


       Kennedee Woolett: Shelton High School

       Cassidy Phan: Olympia High School

       Kassidy Jack: Timberline High School

       Kylie Buchin: South Kitsap High School

       Bannack Firkins: Capitol High School                     





      Local No. 252 sends heartfelt thanks to all Police Officers, for their dedicated service to the community.  National Police Week occurs every May, the13th-17th this year. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund will hold ceremonies, including the 36th Annual Candlelight Vigil, to honor the fallen officers whose names have recently been added to the Memorial.
      Registration is now open for the 3rd Annual Russ Walpole Memorial Golf Tournament! Please use the form provided to register. We look forward to seeing you on the course! To download the entry form click HERE. @media only screen and (max-width: 730px){ .pdfview{height:500px .


      Bettering the lives of workers and their families is what we do at Local 252, but we cannot do it alone. Jesus saw an opportunity to improve his life and the lives of his coworkers, never losing sight of the greater good and maintaining a positive attitude all the way. Jesus was outstanding in his organizing role and will undoubtedly be an effective voice for his coworkers in negotiations.

      “Hey, I’m Jesus, a proud new member of Teamsters 252. This process has been a good learning experience! In the beginning, not everyone was on board, but I maintained a positive attitude, and everything worked out. In the end, all but one voted yes. During the process, I was not alone. I was there supported by my fellow team members. I was not alone, and that’s the whole meaning of the union and what my team stands by. If we stand as one, we are one.

      “” Martin Luther King said, we must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish as fools. ”” This quote motivated me to make this work. Going forward, we have each other and that gives me great confidence as we fight for what we deserve!" 

      Joice McCoy, Lewis County Sheriffs Corrections Lieutenant and Proud Teamster, retired after 38.8 years of service. In 2005, McCoy fought hard to keep the Lieutenants and Corrections Sargent in the union when some members of the group wanted to decertify and become a guild. McCoy said "it was a bloodbath", clearly a fight worth fighting. Local 252 wants to thank you, McCoy, for your hard work and dedication to your community, and thank you for all the time and energy you gave your Teamsters Brothers and Sisters as Shop Steward.

      Congratulations Joyce McCoy, we wish you all the best in your retirement!

      Lewis County Sheriffs Support Staff leaves their guild for better benefits and peace of mind over healthcare in retirement. 

      "The financial hardship of medical coverage for retirement age people is crazy", said Tamra Shields, former Guild President. "We are faced with so much uncertainty about if or when we will be able to retire, not knowing if we will be able to afford medical coverage before Medicare eligibility. This Retiree Medical plan being afforded to us changes that. There is no medical coverage plan with coverage at age 50 that even comes close to what this plan offers".

      Vice President of the Guild, now Teamsters' member in good standing Sarah Booker-Godsey says ''joining the Teamsters is refreshing. In an environment always changing, being part of a contract that prioritizes the employees' best interests brings peace of mind to the Support Staff currently working, and I hope it will incentivize new hires to make a career at Lewis County''.

      Senior Business Agent Rob ReRosa and the rest of us here at Local 252 are excited to introduce the Lewis County Sheriffs Support Staff. 

      Teamsters lead the way in championing gender equality. Since the union was founded in 1903, the Teamsters welcomed women and men alike. Together, they had a vision for a better future for workers, and the tenacity to take on greedy corporations, organize politically, and fight like hell for the working class.

       A signing ceremony was held on February 22nd, to officiate the newly ratified agreement between the Teamsters Local 252 and the City of Tumwater Public Works Department.

      Dave Schween, Michelle Sutherland, Rob DeRosa, Mayor Debbie Sullivan, and Brian Blaisdell 

      "Pay increases on this contract were a big plus for the crew. I was also really happy to see additional things (longevity pay, and City contribution to the pension) make it into the contract that will act as a foundation to build from in the future. These items were just a wish list for so long". Dave Schwenn Shop Steward and Bargaining Team Member

      Download: 2024-02-28 Teamsters Signing 1.jpg

      Public Safety 911 Telecommunicators, worked closely with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) to separate the Telecommunicators from under the Sheriff’s Department contract and supervision to a separate contract under the County. This new contract gives Public Safety Telecommunicators security in their supervisor. Their direct supervision will be hired with the department's goals and needs as the priority. In addition to this security, the negotiation team won historic pay increases.

      Bargaining team member Mosley said, “Negotiations went smoother than in years past, and she was happy about the pay increases”.

      Teamsters Local 252 members at City of Tumwater Public Works have ratified a new three (3) year agreement. The new three (3) year agreement provides historical pay increases, recognition of longevity, has the City paying into the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust, and the City continues to pay 100% full Medical and Benefits for the life of the agreement. This contract greatly benefits 32 Local 252 members and their families.

      “The bargaining committee did an incredible job," said Brian Blaisdell Secretary - Treasurer, "the team of, Senior Business Agent Rob DeRosa, Business Agent Heather Slusher and Shop Steward David Schwen worked hard to achieve this incredible agreement”.

      Recently organized UNFI Drivers met with Local 252 staff on Saturday to discuss and prepare for upcoming negotiations with the Company. The 53-worker group overcame a vicious anti-union campaign by the company to win strong representation. They are seeking improvements to wages, working conditions, and health care and retirement benefits.

      Rain or Shine, Local 252 Stands in Solidarity
      HB1893 will give unemployment insurance benefits for striking or lockout workers.
      Future Teamsters Attend Safety City
      Local 252 made a monetary donation to Oakview Elementary School. The donation provided transportation to a fieldtrip all about safety.
      UPS Tentative Agreement Review
      UPS Tentative Agreement Review
      Tumwater UPS Practice Picketing
      Elma UPS Practice Picketing
      Chehalis UPS Practice Picketing
      UPS Practice Strike
      Elma UPS Group
      Tumwater UPS Group
      Chehalis UPS Group

      UPS Contract Kickoff August 1st, 2022

      UPS Contract Kickoff August 1st, 2022
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      Teamsters President Sean O'Brien addresses the stewards
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
      IBT Training Department Instructor Iliana Flores, Western Region VP & JC 28 President Rick Hicks with Local 252 Secretary-Treasurer Brian Blaisdell
      Inaugural Shop Steward Seminar
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