Good Job Creation

Working families have shown incredible courage by fighting for their livelihoods, and it is time for Congress to step in and help out. It is not just about tax cuts, it is about job creation. It is not just about individual job creation, but large-scale job creation. The kind that supplies American fair trade companies with good contracts. Not the kind that rewards cheap labor, and companies with poor track records in workplace safety, low wages, little or no job security, and the like. We need good job creation, not just job creation. The Big Banking days tanked our economy and left the average American paying the bills of the biggest risk takers. America should focus on investing in rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure that is our countries highways and railroad systems.

Your Local Union and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters continually speaks to all State and Federal Elected Officials demanding Good Job Creation, please do the same and contact your Elected State and Federal Officials requesting the same of “Good Job Creation.” 

Russ Walpole